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While I am working to update my site, I decided to keep a one day entry

and share a little about things that inspire me creatively.

09 October 2015 "How Did I Miss This?”   When I lived in NYC access to any cultural event seemed so immediate to the point I probably took for granted what a creative hotbed it was, and how fortunate we were that it was so easily accessible simply by walking down the street. It seemed I was always going to some event or was involved in one that on a fundamental level kept things fresh and inspired. I rarely ever felt I missed out on something.


 I have been thinking about this question, “How did I miss this?”, which I recently asked myself when learning about a performance that was completely off my radar (I have listed it below). The truth is I am not missing a thing, I just was not bothering to pay attention. Granted, one could argue about the cultural differences of what the Bay Area offers in comparison with NYC. Putting that aside, with a constant barrage of information through the internet and social network sites, I’ve definitely experienced feeling overloaded. At times and at length I have actively tuned out, not only to cut out the noise, but to focus on my own projects. It is also a balancing act of managing time. When I am in the midst of doing, I am often so consumed I forget to take a break and look around and refresh. That question and feeling has been a great catalyst to jar me into attention, seek in moderation, say yes more and encourage me to subscribe to a bunch of creative feeds, haha. Here are three recent pieces that I was not aware of when they first released, but eventually caught sight of.


1) Tree of Codes

A friend had recently posted about the performance, an interpretation of novelist Jonathan Safran Foer book of the same title, combining modern ballet, installation art and music. All three converge on a reflective stage giving the illusion of an immersive environment. If I had not been tuned out, I would have gone to NYC to catch this performance and still would consider traveling to experience it. Some performances are just not to miss. I am hoping this will come around again.

Photo: Stephanie Berger

2) When Bjork Met Attenborough

On a flight back from Iceland I came across this in the in-flight entertainment. I have always admired Bjork’s music as early as when she was in the Sugarcubes. I had the amazing experience of going to an intimate performance of her Biophelia tour. Even if you’re not a Bjork fan or had gone to the performance, it’s a peek into the creative exploration she takes to actualize the fundamental relationship between music and nature. “She is embarking on her most ambitious project yet, to change the way we see, hear and think about music”.

Image: Pulse Films

3) 20,000 Days on Earth

Nick Cave’s music isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for my partner who insists his music is off limits when she is around. That said, I’m a big fan of his and the Bad Seed’s lyrical wordsmithery and often brash sound. It was a surprise and yet not, that one of my favorite western genre films, “The Proposition”, was penned by Nick Cave. 20,000 Days on Earth has been in our queue for awhile now and is waiting on the watch list. Sometimes even with an artist whose work I admire, I still need a nudge. Incidentally, coming across this behind the scenes video  has moved the documentary up in the queue and has sparked interest in knowing more about Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard's (the directors) work as well. The documentary will be a great introduction.

Image: Pulse Films